9xmovies 2021- Watch and Download latest HD movies

9xmovies offers you all the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free. Let us go through this website in detail and see if it’s legal and safe.


Many of us enjoy an occasional movie once in a while. This may include booking the ticket and going to a theatre. But, it is not possible or logical to pay for the movie every time, right? As a solution for this, many legal platforms like NetflixAmazon Prime, etc. came into existence. But, not everyone can afford to subscribe to these platforms as the cost is high. This is where websites like 9xmovies come into play.

With the help of these websites, people can enjoy unlimited and latest movies for free of cost. Now, let’s learn about 9xmovies in detail. 

What is 9xmovies? 

9xmovies is an illegal streaming platform. This website offers you almost all the latest movies. All of them are pirated versions. The site provides you a vast collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood movies. Another feature is that the user can enable the dual language for almost all the film. As the film here pirated, 9xmovies offers you a choice to download too. You can choose the quality of the movie ranging from 360p to 1080p.

The user interface of 9xmovies is impeccable. You can navigate through the website quickly and efficiently. The different sections like Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. provided accordingly. 

How to download content from 9xmovies?

  • Once you click on the movie, below the link, you can find a download symbol. 
  • The next thing to do is to select the quality of the movie. 
  • Once you complete this, you just have to click on ‘Okay.’ And Voila! Your movie downloaded. 

Note: Many well-planned movies take a hit in the box-office because of websites like this. Especially the small-time directors and upcoming actors experience a loss. This is because most of the people won’t bother watching the movie by paying; instead, they stream it online or download from illegal and pirated websites like 9xmovies. 

Hence, it is strongly advised not to access and use such websites.

Many illegal websites around the world get their hands on all the latest movies and leak them for free. Even though this sounds good to hear, it is very unethical and even illegal. 

Extensions and domains

As 9xmovies is banned in India by the Anti Piracy Division, the owners of the website change the domain name regularly. This is done to get out of trouble as the Anti Piracy Division will surely ban the site and take legal actions if they find out that 9xmovies is still up and running.

There is also an app for 9xmovies, which is not available in the Play Store. If you want to use it, the best way is to download the apk file. Besides the app, other extensions and domain names for 9xmovies are 9xmovies.org,9xmovies.com, 9xmovies. In, 9xmovies.guru.

These are just a few of the domain names.

Movies leaked in the 9xmovies website

9xmovies App is known for leaking films in several languages. This free movie download website gives you a feature of 300MB cinema where one can download films within just 300MB, and in full High-resolution quality. The leaks on the 9xmovies website from Bollywood are Chhapaak, Gully Boy, War, Good News, Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhaan, and many more. 9xmovies Tollywood section includes a Pressure cooker, Kadaram Kondan, Saho, Adithya Varma, Avengers: Endgame, Baahubali, Baahubali 2, 2.0, Bharat, and more. And in the Hollywood and Most-Awaited section, some of the movies leaked are Birds of Prey, Joker, Dear Comrade, Arjun Patiala, Spider-Man: Far From Home, John Wick 3, Dabangg 3, and others. 

According to a report, the entertainment and movies industry loses roughly $2 billion every year because of illegal and pirated websites like 9xmovies.

Alternatives for 9xmovies:

Once in a while, you are bound to experience network connectivity on these websites. As it is illegal, many website update errors and handling errors are bound to take place. In these times, there are always other options. There are a million different websites that are available for you. These websites also function the same as 9xmovies and provide excellent content. Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into these alternative websites. 

First, let’s discuss the legal platforms:

  • Netflix
  • Hotstar
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • YesMovies
  • Sony Crunch
  • Zee Prime
  • NBC

These are the popular legal platforms. You can find a vast collection of movies and TV shows on these platforms. But, unfortunately, all of these are paid versions, and the user has to pay a certain amount to subscribe. 

The next comes the illegal and pirated websites. These are entirely free and unlimited:

  • 123movies
  • Movieruoz
  • Khatrimaza
  • Tamilrockers 
  • Playtamil
  • Rdxhd
  • hdpopcorn
  • Filmyzilla

Note: These are all illegal websites, banned in India. If any user caught using these websites, he/she is going to face severe consequences by the Anti Piracy Division, which may even lead up to specific jail time.

Legality and Accessibility

As mentioned, the government of India and the Anti Piracy Division has taken steps and measures to eradicate these websites from the face of the internet. As per the new Cinematographic rule of 2019, if a user caught using these illegal websites, they should face jail time for up to 3 years and pay a fine of ₹10 Lakhs. If an unlawful website owner caught, he/she is going to face many severe consequences as the entire website is their responsibility. 

According to the Piracy Law, the user is given a chance in court to prove himself wrong. If they fail to do so, and the judge finds out about his/her involvement in the website, specific jail time is imposed as it considered a criminal act. 

If the user not involved within the website to a significant extent, fine imposed on the user. According to a report, the fine ranges from ₹2 Lakhs to ₹10 Lakhs, depending upon various factors like the extent of involvement. 

Hence, it is advised to stay away as far as possible from these websites. The user will face dire consequences if he is proved guilty.


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